APRIL’s Green Complex

APRIL Group’s Riau Complex in Pangkalan Kerinci, is home to thousands of employees and their families. It’s also the centre of our operations in Indonesia, including our ambition to deliver a positive impact on climate, nature, and people as part of our APRIL2030 commitment.

And what better place to start making those changes than at home?

Green Complex tells the story of the environmental and sustainability initiatives undertaken by APRIL Group to turn our home in Kerinci into a showcase of how we can contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet.

Bike to Work

In 2016 a hardcore group of riding enthusiasts formed the Riau Complex Cycling Community to inspire healthier and more environmentally conscious living throughout APRIL Group’s Riau Complex.

Now five years on and more than ninety members strong, we show the ways in which these keen cyclists have lead from the front, showing us how employees are now travelling to work while also doing their bit for the environment.

Electric Bus

In September 2021, APRIL Group became one of the first Indonesian companies to buy two electric buses for employees to travel to and from work.

Underlining APRIL’s commitment to becoming climate positive, this digital short profiles the positive changes the two buses have brought to the people who call this complex home.

Solar Panels

In one of APRIL Group’s most ambitious initiatives yet, we follow the progress of the huge 20mw solar energy development – the largest solar installation by a private company in Indonesia.

The clock is ticking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, so the dependency on non-renewable energy sources have to be addressed, and fast. The target by 2030 is for 90 per cent of the energy used in APRIL’s mill to come from renewable sources, but can this be achieved?

Plastic Less Campaign

APRIL launched a plastic reduction campaign in the summer of 2018 to drastically reduce the use of plastics within its Riau complex.

Replacing mineral water bottles with dispensers, eradicating plastic straws and the use of plastic bags are examples of the progress so far, but how to you change the ways of 10,000 residents in just three short years? We find out if the plastic reduction campaign has been successful and where it goes next.

Community Farming

Meet the women of BULAT KB, a group of wives of APRIL Group employees who came together to set up a sustainable farm in our Riau Complex in Pangkalan Kerinci. Together, the women are able to diversify the family income while providing healthy produce to staff and local residents.