APRIL2030 Vision and Commitment


Our commitment to deliver a positive impact on climate, nature and people while growing our business sustainably.

By 2030 we will achieve net zero carbon emissions from our land use, positive measurable gains in nature and zero extreme poverty in our communities, while transforming our business for sustainable growth.

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Commitments and Targets

APRIL2030 is our vision for meeting the challenges of the next decade, and is comprised of four commitments with 18 ambitious targets – Climate Positive, Thriving Landscape, Inclusive Progress and Sustainable Growth.
Climate Positive

Climate Positive

We are implementing science-based solutions to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

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We are taking action on climate through a series of Climate Positive targets that will drastically reduce our carbon emissions based on science-based solutions. These include achieving net zero emissions from land use by optimising carbon sequestration and storage across landscape types including peatland and minimising emissions through science-based landscape management. We will also achieve a 25% reduction in the carbon emissions intensity of our fiber products through investments in science and technology, enhancing our operating systems, and sourcing most of our mill and fibre operation’s energy needs from clean, renewable energy sources.


Net zero emissions from land use

We will apply science-based solutions to achieve net zero emissions from land use.


Reducing product emissions intensity by 25%

We will reduce product carbon emissions intensity by 25%.


90% renewable energy for our mill

We will source 90% of mill energy needs from renewables and cleaner energy sources.


50% of fiber operations energy needs from renewable sources

We will source 50% of fiber operation energy needs from renewables and cleaner energy sources.

Thriving Landscapes

Thriving Landscapes

We are championing conservation as part of our production-protection landscape management approach.

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We are making sure that a significant portion of our landscape is conserved, protected and biodiverse to deliver Thriving Landscapes. A set percentage of revenue from our plantation forests will go towards forest restoration and conservation. This includes expanding conservation and restoration areas outside our own operating footprint and ensuring zero net loss of protected forest area to achieve measurable gains in ecosystem values. In parallel and to minimize the amount of land needed to meet production requirements, we are investing in silviculture research and technology innovation to achieve a 50% increase in plantation fiber productivity. Tropical peatland science will be advanced through a new research hub and Eco-Camp within our RER restoration area.

Investing in landscape conservation

Our investment in landscape conservation will be funded by $ 1 USD per tonne of plantation fiber harvested per year.


Zero net loss of conservation areas

We will ensure zero net loss of conservation and restoration areas.


Positive biodiversity gains

We will achieve positive gains in biodiversity and other ecosystem benefits.


50% gain in fiber plantation productivity

We will attain a 50% increase in plantation fiber productivity.

Support wildlife protection in Indonesia

We are supporting wildlife protection and conservation in Indonesia including endangered species through partnerships and collaboration.

Advance tropical peatland science

We will advance tropical peatland science and contribute to global knowledge and practice.

Inclusive Progress

Inclusive Progress

We are empowering our people and communities through transformative initiatives.

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Inclusive Progress includes targets to empower our people and communities through transformative initiatives in healthcare, education and gender inclusion. Key among them is our target to eradicate extreme poverty in our communities within a 50 km radius of our operations while boosting education and universal access to essential and affordable healthcare. In particular, we will focus on reducing the prevalence of stunting by 50% among children below five years of age in Riau Province. We will also work to boost women’s effective social and economic participation and deliver equal opportunities for advancement.

Zero extreme poverty

We will eradicate extreme poverty within a 50 km radius of our operations.


Promote quality education

We will achieve 10% above the national PISA ranking in APRIL-supported schools.

Promote access to healthcare

We are increasing access to primary health care services for targeted villages in Riau.


50% reduction in stunting

We will reduce stunting prevalence by 50% among children below 5 years of age in villages in Riau.


Advance equal opportunities and participation for women

We will ensure women’s effective participation and equal opportunities for advancement.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth

We are growing our business through diversification, circularity and responsible production.

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Sustainable Growth of our business will underwrite our investments in climate, nature and people. It will be based on our business becoming more productive, diversified and circular as part of responsible production. As part of that, we will increase material efficiency and chemical recovery through less process water use per product tonne and reducing solid waste. A key target is harnessing advances in technology to source fiber supply from textile waste.


Increased material efficiency and circularity

We will increase our material efficiency and circularity to achieve 98% chemical recovery and 25% less process water use per product tonne.


80% less solid waste to landfill

We will reduce solid waste to landfill by 80%.


20% recycled textile used in viscose fiber

We will source 20% of our cellulosic fiber for viscose from recycled textile.

RGE Director Anderson Tanoto
Anderson Tanoto
Director, RGE
APRIL President Praveen Singhavi APRIL2020
Praveen Singhavi
President, APRIL Group
Bey Soo Thiang
Bey Soo Khiang
Chairman, April Group

A Letter to Stakeholders

from Our Leaders

Continued investment in climate, nature and sustainable development assumes even greater urgency if we are to achieve a strong recovery. As challenging as the current situation is, it presents businesses with an opportunity, if seized decisively, to boldly transform the future for the better.

APRIL2030 supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals at the national level in Indonesia and more importantly at the village level in the province of Riau where our operations are located.

No company’s sustainability vision can be truly enduring if communities are left behind. As a company based in a developing economy, the responsibility to function more sustainably while still delivering essential progress for communities is greater than ever.

APRIL2030 builds on the commitments embedded in our Sustainable Forest Management Policy and on the progress made in its implementation over the last five years.

Reflecting on the lessons of the past decade, we all know that addressing the greatest challenge of our time requires collective action

Messages from the APRIL Management Team